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Radical Wheels




Green Radical Stickers
Waves - 4 Pack
Pink Radical Stickers
Joys - 4 Pack
QSA: For Those Who Skate Sticker


Radical Wheels was founded in 2020 by skaters Olive Kaplan and Sepi Shokri aka Neon. Through their collective work with Queer Skate Alliance and BIPOC Who Skate, these skaters aim to create a wheel brand with a mission. Radical Wheels is invested in growing the skate community across multiple intersections and in making high quality products. Every aspect of Radical Wheels will be rooted in culture & community consciousness. Radical Wheels for Radical Humans. 

Sunsets - 4 Pack
QSA: Purple Circular Fiend Club Stickers
Unisex Shirt
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