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Pay It Forward

Radical Wheels is invested in building the accessibility of skate products within the community. While roller skating may be growing in popularity, accessibility to quality skate gear is still one of the many barriers to entry for many folks.

Instead of sponsoring skaters or having a “skate team” like skate companies traditionally do, we decided on an approach more rooted in accessibility than simply promotion, marketing, and skaters feeling like they are now indebted to a brand.

If you would like to participate in the Pay It Forward fund, please send a donation to our PayPal account: If you have been unable to afford or access skate wheels within our community, there will be a simple application process for you to access wheels from this cost-free, donation system.

Inception + Expansion
In 2017 a first-of-its-kind organization was born — Skaters Without Borders — with the goal of making roller derby more accessible and accountable globally. Its founder, after a long career in the nonprofit sector, also sought to decolonize the historically problematic structure NPO’s are built around and beholden to. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we saw many derby skaters move to the skatepark, our founder met and joined forces with a park skater who held the same dreams of decolonization and an equitable skate community. Through their combined efforts, and those of an indispensable team of volunteers, DWB expanded to support not only derby, but also park, street, and dance skating communities around the world.

Mission Statement
Skaters Without Borders is dedicated to the empowerment and education of girls, women and gender expansive people through the removal of racial, gender and socio-economic barriers to access in skating, roller skating, and roller derby. We stand for access and accountability in the roller skating industry, and for all roller skaters.    

Our Core Values
We believe that equity in emerging regions involves creating sustainable structures based not only on the spirit of roller skating, but also in the local customs and culture. Our work aims to support local skaters in developing their own communities through redistribution of resources, education, and empowerment.

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